Furniture Design Competition-Call For Entries!

Furniture Design Competition-call For Entries! Are You a Talented Product, Furniture or Industrial Designer Looking For a New Challenge or Opportunity?? We Are Seeking Creatives to Contribute to The Launch of a New Brand

Furniture design competition - call for entries! are you a talented product, furniture or industrial designer looking for a new challenge or opportunity?? we are seeking creatives to contribute to the launch of a new brand..

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Perfume Pendant:swans in Love by Melike Kapıcıoglu

Melike Kapıcıoglu Exhibits The Swans in Love Perfume Pendant

Melike Kapıcıoglu, the thinktank behind the displayed work Swans in Love - Perfume Pendant by Melike Kapıcıoglu explains, Inspired by a book written in 1027 that tells the story of a love chain that is hung on the neck and never taken off until <Cropped>

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Anantara Jabal Akhdar-Hotel by Atelier Pod

Atelier Pod Reveals The Anantara Jabal Akhdar Hotel

ATELIER POD, the project leader of the displayed work ATELIER POD's ANANTARA JABAL AKHDAR HOTEL explicates, Located on a 6,6 Ha cliff edge plot at 2,000m above sea level, with a built-up area of 24,000m² including 115 keys, six restaurants and <Cropped>

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Marcela Vavruskova's Fractalic Decorative Mirror Tiles

Marcela Vavruskova Demonstrates The Fractalic Decorative Mirror Tiles

Marcela Vavruskova, the creator of the highlighted project Decorative Mirror Tiles:Fractalic by Marcela Vavruskova explains, The Fractalic Mirror Wall was created as a new unique approach to wall tiling in interior. Finding of random and nonperiodic <Cropped>

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Award Winning Transbatur Office

Serhan Bayik Designs The Transbatur Office

Serhan Bayik, the architect of the displayed work Award Winning Transbatur Office illustrates, The integration of interior design and company’s corporate identity was determined to designer's main concern. Serhan Bayık adapted road’s and co <Cropped>

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Xinzhongyuan Ceramic Future Store by Zhou You and Cao Liang

Zhou You and Cao Liang Presents The Xinzhongyuan Ceramic Future Store New Retail Space

Zhou You and Cao Liang, the creative mind behind the award winning design New Retail Space:Xinzhongyuan Ceramic Future Store by Zhou You and Cao Liang explicates, Xinzhongyuan Ceramic Zhengzhou Future Store is a new retail space for future market. Th <Cropped>

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Sake Package Design:souryu by Yoshiki Uchida

Yoshiki Uchida Creates The Souryu Sake Package Design

Yoshiki Uchida, the maker of the displayed project sake package design:Souryu by Yoshiki Uchida points out, Quality of water leads the most important part to make Japanese sake. The new package has three types of label and all of them are designed to <Cropped>

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Telescope:galaxy Tracker Nova by Eastcolight Design Team

Eastcolight Design Team Exhibits The Galaxy Tracker Nova Telescope

Eastcolight Design Team, the maker of the displayed work Eastcolight Design Team's Galaxy Tracker Nova Telescope illustrates, The Galaxy Tracker Nova Telescope provides a comfortable and high quality stargazing experience for users from beginner <Cropped>

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Asuka Saito's Phoenix in Bloom Necklace

Asuka Saito Spotlights The Phoenix in Bloom Necklace

Asuka Saito, the lead designer of the award winning work Necklace:Phoenix in Bloom by Asuka Saito demonstrates, This necklace is made with a traditional technique of Tsumami-Kanzashi, traditional Japanese folded flowers, made from small square fabr <Cropped>

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Award Winning Frangi Skincare Essence

Tiger Pan Creates The Frangi Skincare Essence

Tiger Pan, the designer of the award winning work Frangi by Tiger Pan demonstrates, The glass bottle of minimalist style is matched with a light golden cap of iris. The flower is shining and sparkling in the middle of the crystal acrylic cylinder. Ir <Cropped>

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