Puls Workplace Design-Office Design by Evolution Design

Evolution Design Discloses The Puls Workplace Design Office Design

Evolution Design, the author of the award winning design Evolution Design's Puls Workplace Design Office Design spells out, The German engineering company Puls moved to new premises and used this opportunity for visualizing and stimulating a new <Cropped>

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Educational Center For Kids by Sarit Shani Hay

Sarit Shani Hay Designs The Educational Center For Kids Educational Center For Kids

Sarit Shani Hay, the creator of the awarded project Educational center for kids - Educational Center for Kids by Sarit Shani Hay explains, The Seven Species is a unique Educational Center promoting imagination and creativity. It spans a cluster of s <Cropped>

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Ceramics Tea Set by Shenyang Ligong University

Shenyang Ligong University Shows The Harmony in Humen With Sky and Land Ceramics Tea Set

Shenyang Ligong University, the designer of the highlighted design Ceramics Tea set by Shenyang Ligong University explicates, The design will be introduced to the moon, with Chinese architectural modeling, using Chinese traditional culture to interpr <Cropped>

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Gas Cooker by Bülent Ünal

Bülent Ünal Spotlights The Flip Flop Gas Cooker

Bülent Ünal, the creative mind behind the award winning work Flip Flop - Gas Cooker by Bülent Ünal spells out, This design is about a gas cooker which provides an adjustable flame size and intensity, it will be possible to heat various sizes of <Cropped>

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Vassilis Mylonadis's Keymotif Key Holder

Vassilis Mylonadis Illustrates The Keymotif Key Holder

Vassilis Mylonadis, the creator of the highlighted work Key holder:Keymotif by Vassilis Mylonadis illustrates, It is quite intriguing to be able to see aspects of one country's history and folklore through a different perspective. That led to th <Cropped>

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Award:haier Golden Banyan Trophy by Dongdao Design Team

Dongdao Design Team Presents The Haier Golden Banyan Trophy Award

Dongdao Design Team , the author of the displayed project Award:Haier Golden Banyan Trophy by Dongdao Design Team demonstrates, Banyan trees are sacred in Asia, and featured in many stories. The tree supports its expanding canopy by growing special r <Cropped>

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Award Winning Cocoon Lounge Chair

Tim Kwok Presents The Cocoon Lounge Chair

Tim Kwok, the designer of the awarded design Lounge Chair by Tim Kwok spells out, Cocoon Chair was inspired by how silkworm develops cocoon. Cocoon Chair uses continuous line randomly looped around a frame structure to create a woven form that serve <Cropped>

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Pro Carton Young Designers Award 2019

The Pro Carton Young Designers Award Is Now One of Europe’s Leading Annual Young Talent Competitions For Packaging Design. Every Student Enrolled in a European Design School or University and With a Heart For Structural and Product Design Is Welcome To

The pro carton young designers award is now one of europe’s leading annual young talent competitions for packaging design. every student enrolled in a european design school or university and with a heart for structural and product design is welcom <Cropped>

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Yu Hiraoka Design's Tre Parole Vase of Love

Yu Hiraoka Design Exhibits The Tre Parole Vase of Love

Yu Hiraoka Design, the architect of the highlighted project Vase of love by Yu Hiraoka Design explicates, Tre Parole is a vase which consists of three metal tubes and an acrylic piece. I sought a simple shape with a smart structure and a way of showi <Cropped>

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Music Pillow by Kin Cheung

Kin Cheung Illustrates The Pilo Mini Music Pillow

Kin Cheung , the project leader of the awarded work Music Pillow by Kin Cheung says, Pilo Mini redefines pillows in terms of shape and function. It is co-designed by biomedical engineers and industrial designers. It has the shape of a rock, but is so <Cropped>

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