Plama Marble Run 2d-Toy by Bernhard Burkard

Bernhard Burkard Exhibits The Plama Marble Run 2d Toy

Bernhard Burkard, the architect of the highlighted work Bernhard Burkard's PLAMA marble run 2D Toy points out, The marble run 2d is a joyful toy for kids and adults. The entire set consists of 12 magnetic planes in different simple shapes and colors. It allows the user to create an intinite variety of paths on a magnetic surface. The marble traverses between the wall and the edges of the single pieces. While the toy is not in use, it cleverly forms a rectangular shape that can act as abstract wall art or beautiful and simple decor. plama may help to develop creativity and logical thinking. It can increase the understanding of two dimensional space and proportion. .

Plama Marble Run 2d-Toy by Bernhard Burkard Images:


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